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  • 4/29/2020

Our Unique 10 Days Process

MerxMotion will no only solve the bottlenecks of traditional web development, we are also about saving your time.  With development cost this low we decreasing your risk so you can maximize the use of your budget. See it for yourself!

"Express"Packages- 5 days Express processes

DAY1: Choose a preferred design style from our sample sites, and then send us your company logo, company information and any other images (i.e. office pictures, factory pictures, product pictures etc) you wish to put on the website.
DAY2: Confirm the design (One modification is allowed).
DAY3: Confirm contents and layout. Website online.

Full-Service Packages-10 Days Process

  • DAY 1

    Introducing Merx Motion

    • Give you some back ground information about us
    • Consult with you to determine what you need
    • Answer any questions and concerns you might have about having a website
    • Give you pricing information base on your requirements
    • Gather details on website appearance preferences e.g. corporate color, site layout if custom design is required
  • DAY 3

    Building your website Structure

    • Demonstrate and training to use our unique content management tool
    • We'll guide you to structure your website content outline that will best convey your products and/or services
    • After the content outline is done, customer will start working on the actual website content
    • If necessary, our copy writing team is always ready to help our customers to generate their website content
  • DAY 5

    Finalizing your website appearance

    • Customers who choose to use our customizable template will be shown their template for approval
    • If custom website design is requested, our designing team will come up with a concept to present your company online for approval
    • All necessary adjustment to the custom design shall be made upon customer's request.
    • If there are major amendments to the custom design, additional time might be required.
  • DAY 10

    Website is done!!

    • Once we integrated your website appearance with your website structure, the site is 75% done.
    • All you have to do now is insert the website content to your website according to the content outline created earlier.
    • If you need custom content layout to be done, our implementation team is standing by to help you.
    • All future technical support are covered, we will provide proper guidance every step of the way.
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  • Monday - Friday / 9:00am - 5:00pm EST     /     Saturday - Sunday: Closed (Email Support only)